Privacy Policy

What information do we collect about you?

The main information held on SkiResults is historic ski racing results. These have been sourced from a combination of results that are published publicly on other websites, and results that have been uploaded by race organisers who choose to use SkiResults to facilitate running their races.

In addition, for races organised via SkiResults, we also hold information about entries to those races. This includes the information you would expect for any race entry (name, gender, year of birth and club affiliation), and also an email address. Race organisers may also choose to collect other fields specific to their events.

All race entry payments are handled by Stripe, a payments processing firm. SkiResults does not store any information other than the fact the entry has been paid for, and the time at which this occurred.

Finally, for each email address registered on SkiResults, we allow you to indicate competitors or regions that you are interested in.

How will we use the information about you?

The race results held on SkiResults are as shown on the website. This enables the main purpose of the site - to show results in a more helpful way than separate documents on each organisers' own website. We may occasionally also generate aggregate statistics to help organisers or governing bodies measure changes in participation etc.

Race entries entered via SkiResults are passed onto the relevant race organiser to allow them to run their races. This includes email addresses associated with those entries. Entry lists are also displayed on the website.

Indications of interest in specific competitors allows the website to highlight results that might be of particular interest. Where interest has been expressed in a region, SkiResults will include you on any emails the region might send out - for instance, regarding upcoming races, rule changes, safety, or other general regional info.

SkiResults will never pass your email address onto third parties other than those directly involved in organising the events (i.e. race organising committees). If they wish to pass this information onto third parties, they should always ask for consent for this as a separate option on the specific race entry form.

Access to your information and correction

As described above, all race results held by SkiResults are publicly available on the site. Similarly, any race entries associated with your account are accessible via the entries page, and email preferences via the favourites page.

If you do want to make any corrections to the data on SkiResults, please get in contact.

How to contact us

If you want to get in touch, please email